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PheromoneSpray.com is the exclusive supplier of pheromone products produced by Bodywise Australia. Bodywise Australia introduced pheromones to the Australian market and has been trading for in excess of 25 years! Bodywise Australia continues to bring you the very best in pheromone products.

PheromoneSpray.com is also dedicated to bringing you the very best men’s sexual health products and libido stimulants.

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A727 (30ml)

AUD$85.00 (Including tax)

Bodyscience (30ml)

AUD$75.00 (Including tax)

Bodyscience Aftershave Additive [Concentrated] 10 ml

AUD$49.95 (Including tax)
Out of stock

Street Dating Revealed

AUD$179.00   AUD$79.95 (Including tax)

Ultimate Spanish Fly

AUD$28.95 (Including tax)
Out of stock